Baptism Prep

Baptism Prep
Baptism! Our initiation into the church, the life of faith, and the community of God. A very important moment in anyone's life.

Preparing for baptism is vital and the resources you'll find here are all developed with that in mind. Nothing can replace you in this process, no matter how excellent the resource. With that in mind, our attempt is to inform and empower you for this ministry. Thank you for all that you give to your parish.

God's Own  Child -- Baptism Prep
Retail price: $9.95
Our price: $8.96, 7/$62.72
God's Own Child - 12 Pack + 2 Leader's Guides
Retail price: $123.35
Our price: $99.00
God's Own Child -- the Leader's Guide
Retail price: $3.95
Our price: $3.56
Kathleen Chesto on Baptism! -- DVD
Retail price: $19.95
Our price: $17.96
Celebren el bautismo de sus hijos
$3.50, 20/$63.00, 50/$149.00, 75/$210.00, 100/$249.00
Celebrating Your Child’s Baptism / Celebren el bautismo de sus hijos -- <I>a resource for parents</I>
Prayerbook for Parents at Baptism
$0.99, 50/$44.50, 100/$79.00, 500/$345.00
At Home with the Sacraments - Baptism
$1.95, 100/$149.00, 300/$297.00, 600/$534.00, 1000/$790.00