Walking in Praise with Pope Francis – 30 Days with On Care for our Common Home

Walking in Praise with Pope Francis &ndash; <I>30 Days with On Care for our Common Home</I>
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4 X 6" -- 32 pages -- by Deborah McCann -- Este folleto también está disponible en español. Por favor, ver más abajo para muestras.

Each daily reflection in this pocket-sized booklet centers on a passage from the pope’s apostolic exhortation, Laudato Si’ (Praise Be: On Care for Our Common Home), and is meant to be prayerfully read, re-read, and pondered until the challenge of more “care-ful living” takes root, enriching our own lives and impelling us to go forth a share it. A wonderful spiritual guide for all who want to embrace Francis’ message more fully.

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Caminando en alabanza con el Papa Francisco
30 días con Sobre el Cuidado de Nuestra Casa Común
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