12 Reasons to be Glad You're Catholic

12 Reasons to be Glad You're Catholic
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Author: Dan Connors

4 x 6" -- 32 pages

It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong with the Church, but we can all use a reminder of what’s good about it. Award-winning author Dan Connors reflects on 12 powerful reasons to be glad we’re Catholic: from Church tradition and the sacraments to the promise of our Catholic youth; from Mary and the saints to Vatican II; from Christ’s gift of the Eucharist to our Christian witness, and much more.

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Brimming with inspiration and hope, this encouraging booklet reminds us why both we and the world need the Catholic faith, now more than ever. Celebrate the Year of Faith with this handy and hope-filled booklet for your entire parish.

Daniel Connors is the Editorial Director for Twenty-Third Publications. He is the author of Home Blessings: Honoring God’s Presence in Every Room, A Prayerbook for Eucharistic Adoration, and I Like Being in Parish Ministry: Assembly. His recent article, “Almost Here…The New Roman Missal” received a 2012 First Place award from the Catholic Press Association.

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